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Discovery S3 SRC ESD Aboutblu

Discovery S3 SRC ESD Aboutblu

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Low work shoe in nubuck effect microfiber. Washable, elastic, breathable, water repellent, resistant to tearing, traction and chemical agents. 3D fabric lining that keeps the foot constantly cool and dry thanks to the instant absorption of sweat and its immediate dispersion outside the shoe. breathable, antibacterial, resistant to wear and abrasion. High grip polyurethane tread, resistant to wear, oils and hydrocarbons. The anatomical shape of the injected midsole, unlike the removable insoles, is unalterable for the entire life of the shoe. Following the natural morphology of the foot, it offers natural support to all its points, guaranteeing maximum comfort. POWER CAP TOE is in multilayer of fiberglass and rubber particles. It stands out for its strength and lightness, ensuring shock absorption up to max. 200 Joules. Metal free is not detectable by the metal detector, it helps to maintain a constant body temperature. Safety is maximum even at extreme temperatures, above and below zero, giving better thermal insulation than aluminum or steel toecaps. Non-metallic anti-perforation textile olette, constructed with multiple layers of high tenacity fibers. Antistatic, light, flexible. Anti torsion support in ABS. It is applied between the anti-perforation plate and the sole, at the arch of the foot. Improve stability on stairs,
where the support of the foot is not total.

Conductive cotton tape and silver threads inside the upper and in contact with the foot. It is an anti-static device that guarantees
higher than standard safety increases the dispersive capacity of electrostatic charges throughout the life of the shoe.

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