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Lewer Sun S1P SRC

Lewer Sun S1P SRC

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The Lewer Sun S1P SRC safety shoes are fresh, breathable, and comfortable footwear, ideal for the summer season. Lightweight, comfortable, and with a sporty look, the Sun S1P shoes are made of high-quality suede leather and soft, breathable mesh that keeps the foot cool and dry throughout the day. The midsole and the fluorescent yellow accents highlight the lines of the Sun shoes, emphasizing their excellent craftsmanship.

The Sun footwear is ESD certified, dissipating the static charges accumulated by the body during walking. They are particularly suitable for those who work in laboratories with electronic equipment, chemicals, and face the risk of fire or explosion.

The sole is made of antistatic dual-density polyurethane directly injected onto the upper, cushioning the impact energy during walking and providing relief to the heel area. Additionally, the Sun S1P shoes are made as follows:

  • High-quality suede leather upper, thickness 1.8-2 mm.
  • Removable EVA Light insole, antibacterial, with a shock-absorbing heel zone, made of soft PU that promotes air circulation and rapid sweat evaporation.
  • Aluminum toe cap resistant up to 200J.
  • Zero HTC anti-penetration plate that ensures total protection against any type of penetration.
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